Friday, October 14, 2011

NEW YORK TIMES coverage of hydrofracking

The New York Times has done some excellent investigative reporting on this very important topic.  The link below will take you to many ground breaking articles that contain excellent reference links as well.  Be sure to check out this link:

Other NY Times articles:

Sleepy Fracking Truck Drivers Exempt from usual Rules

4/11/12: ENERGY:  The New York Times ran a whole section with nine articles about energy:

The Department of Agriculture and Hydrofracking

The Truth about Jobs, Hydrofracking & Politics


Politics and Gas Industry ties in Oklahoma

NY Times article about Fracking impact on the lives of PA residents


Be sure to see the video (compiled by the EPA - infrared shots of methane leaks) on this NY Times story "Gas Leaks on the Path to a Post-Fossil Future"
Industry payoffs to politicians

Related story about conflicts of interest

related article about NY Times by Robert F Kennedy Jr.